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In February 2003, The Conference Board of Canada and the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University created a joint venture – The Directors College*.

The Directors College is Canada’s first university accredited corporate director development program.

The Program Curriculum is based on Canada’s principle-based approach to technical and structural corporate governance, and is further distinguished by a strong focus on the ethical and behavioural sides of directorship. The Directors College program accreditations are from The Degroote School of Business at McMaster University.

The Signature Chartered Director* program was developed using the components of excellence in board governance, codified in The Conference Board of Canada’s principle-based governance model. These principles guide leaders in the development of governance guidelines and the implementation and evaluation of specific governance practices, appropriate to their organization.

The Conference Board of Canada has a long track record in director training, governance research, and the organization of learning events. It has developed and tested a principle-based governance model, whose competencies form the basis of programs of The Directors College.

The DeGroote School of Business at McMaster has demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing adult learning models, executive education, governance research, substantive content, and professional accreditation.

The Directors College founders and sponsors bring their national and international expertise in strong corporate governance to the program, improving the capability of corporate directors.

The Conference Board of Canada’s Principle-Based Governance Model



















*The Directors College, Chartered Director, C.Dir., The Board Simulation, Human Resources and Compensation Committee Certified, H.R.C.C.C., Audit Committee Certified, and A.C.C. are official marks of McMaster University.


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