Maintaining Your Chartered Director Designation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Directors College* requires that all Chartered Directors* undertake qualified continuing professional development activities, to a minimum of 15 hours per year, and totalling 50 hours in each 3- year period, beginning the calendar year after which the candidate successfully completes the qualifying exam.

For example, a candidate completing his/her Chartered Director designation in 2015 would need to earn minimum of 15 hours per year, and totaling 50 hours of continuing professional development between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018. He/she would then need to earn another, minimum of 15 hours per year, and totaling 50 hours, between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021, and so on.

Chartered Directors should evaluate their CPD activities in consideration of the following criteria:

  • Be quantifiable, meaning it must be specifically identifiable and expressed in terms of a specific time requirement;
  • Be directly related to the competencies needed to carry on his or her directorship/governance activities;
  • Be relevant to their current ‘governance professional’ needs and/or longer term directorship/governance career interests;
  • Contain significant intellectual or practical governance content;
  • Enhance their knowledge of boardroom and governance best practices;
  • Be offered through a credible learning institution, such as a university, college, private educator, professional or industry association, or an employer.

CPD activities can include

  • Courses, seminars or conferences;
  • Technical discussion groups;
  • Advanced or post-secondary education courses;
  • Structured self-study programs;
  • Participating as a guest speaker for a formal director education program;
  • Private reading, study and technical research;
  • Preparation time for lectures and presentations;
  • Research and writing time for governance professional or business related articles;
  • On-the-job governance training.


Chartered Directors, who are retired and no longer carry out board service, are exempt from the CPD requirement – after they file the exemption with the College. A written explanation for non-compliance in the Annual Declaration Form will be considered by the Directors College Education Committee. Per example, an illness, limiting your availability for board service, could be considered for an exemption.

The Education Committee of The Directors College determines whether to waive all or a part of the requirements, or considers and approves a plan to remedy any deficiencies over a reasonable period of time. Chartered Directors who fail to meet the requirement will be notified by The Directors College at the end of the first year of non-adherence and provided with information on how to enhance their understanding of the CPD Program and select relevant continuing professional development activities.

The Chartered Director certificate (and the right to use the designation) will be suspended if:

  1. Does not make a reasonable effort to provide evidence that they are maintaining their professional competence, fails to report their activities or files false or fraudulent reports;
  2. Fails to comply with the remedial plan approved by the date prescribed by the Education Committee;
  3. Does not submit Annual CPD Declaration Form by the due date.

An opportunity to appeal any suspension will be provided through the Education Committee of The Directors College.

Continuing Professional Development Suggestions

See events & webinars page for available CPD opportunities.

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