Frequently Asked Questions about BoardLink

What is BoardLink?

BoardLink is a new corporate governance board portal developed by Thomson Reuters-Accelus. This user-friendly and multi-functional tool will be used to provide Directors College (DC) participants with electronic access to course material. Starting in September 2013, The Directors College launched BoardLink (available as a web-based app or iPAD app) for all DC programs.

How do I get set up with OnePass access to BoardLink?

A registration key (link) will be sent to each individual user in the pre-reading email alert from The Directors College. This will allow the user to create or use an existing OnePass account to access BoardLink.

Click here for OnePass Account Setup Instructions.

How do I know whether or not I already have a OnePass account?

When you click the link provided to you to create your OnePass account, the system will look for a match to your email address. If an existing OnePass account is identified, it will prompt for your OnePass password to update your account to include BoardLink.

Users may also click the Check to see if I have a OnePass Account link on the OnePass sign on page for BoardLink.

Can I create a OnePass account on the BoardLink iPad App?

OnePass accounts cannot be created within the BoardLink iPad application. You must utilize an Internet browser via your iPad or computer.

What if I forget my OnePass Username and/or Password?

Click the Forgot my username or password link on the OnePass BoardLink sign on page. Follow the instructions to reset the username and/or password (refer to the OnePass Password Quick Tips document).

Can I change my username or password at any time?

Users may change their OnePass information by clicking the Update my OnePass account link on the BoardLink OnePass sign on page.

How do I log on to the Boardlink iPad app using OnePass?

Tap the OnePass button on the BoardLink iPad app sign on page then enter your OnePass username and Password, tap Sign On.

Where can I view the User Guide for BoardLink?

The current version of the User Guide is available in BoardLink. Please login to BoardLink using your OnePass Account and the user guide will be available under Help in the main navigation bar. View navigation steps.

How do I learn to use the different functions available in BoardLink?

Thomson Reuters-Accelus has created a training video for iPAD app users and a training video for web app users. We encourage you to watch the video of the app you intend to use and to familiarize yourself with the BoardLink dashboard and features.

How do I contact BoardLink for support?

Please contact BoardLink’s 24/7 Customer Support at 1-866-569-3745 or should you need assistance. When you contact Customer Support you will be asked for the company code word which is “Gold Standard”.

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